If you are about to do any major work on your home such as roofing, siding, fences, or window replacement chances are you'll need a permit. Specialty permits for electrical, plumbing, heating, sprinkler and elevator work are also required and can only be obtained by a city-licensed professional. Failure to obtain a permit for work being done on your home, whether you are doing it yourself or going through a contractor, can result in costly fines and work stoppage.

Historic Districts

The majority of the homes in the Mansion Neighborhood are located in what is considered a "Historic District". Because of this designation there are additional considerations to be met when work is to be performed. In most cases a "Certificate of Appropriateness" will need to be filed, along with a "Photo Log" form. If you are painting your home you will need to submit a "Paint Chip" form as well. These forms are reviewed by the Historic Resources Commission as part of the application process. Although many permits can be issued over the counter, those that need to be reviewed by the Historic Resources Commission may several days before they are approved (or denied), so it helps to plan ahead.


Permit fees vary depending on the type of work being done and the zoning designation. A "fee chart" is available from the City of Albany website in the links below. Payment MUST be made with either cash or check (no credit cards) and is due at the time you file for your permit.

Forms and More Info

The Office of Building and Codes is located at 165 Henry Johnson Blvd, 1st Floor. Here you may obtain blank forms, submit your application or obtain more information than is provided here. The phone number is: 434-5165

Many of the forms, as well as city-published informational brochures and charts are available at:
City of Albany - Application and Form Request Page.

NOTE: Any forms downloaded for submission to the Division of Building & Codes must be printed double-sided if the form is more than one page. Forms will only be accepted at the Division of Building & Codes that are printed in this manner.