Parking can be tricky in the Mansion Neighborhood, especially during the workday and during special events downtown, but it is not impossible. Due to the availability of several off-street lots, garages and converted alleyways, many residents are able to find parking within a comfortable and safe distance from their homes. More information on parking in the City of Albany is available on other websites in our 'Links' section. Here's a few basic tips to keep in mind:

Street Cleaning

All streets in the Mansion Neighborhood are cleaned once per week. Typically, one side of the street will be cleaned one day, while the opposite side is cleaned the following day. Specific days and time periods are posted on signs along the street. Your vehicle must be moved from the side of the street being cleaned for the entire duration of the time period posted, even if the street cleaner has already passed. Any vehicles remaining can be ticketed and even towed.

Snow Emergencies

When a snow emergency is declared sufficient time is usually given to notify city residents of the change in parking regulations. Official information is available from the DGS snow emergency line: 476-SNOW (476-7669), and the City of Albany website. The local newspapers, tv and radio stations will often provide snow emergency information as well.

A typical snow emergency will begin at 8:00 P.M. on the night announced. At this time all normal parking rules and regulations are temporarily suspended. For the first 24 hours all vehicles must be removed from the side of the street with the odd numbered buildings until 8:00PM the following night (regardless of when the snow is actually removed). For the next 24 hours all vehicles must be removed from the side of the street with the even numbered buildings.

Because snow emergencies effectively cut the number of on-street parking spaces in half, the city will often make available a number of makeshift "emergency lots" in the downtown area. For Mansion Neighborhood residents the following areas are typically made available*:

  • Lincoln Park (All Interior Roadways & Parking Areas)
  • 77 Philip St. (Playground)
  • 88 Philip St. (Playground)
  • Myrtle Ave. (West of Swan St.)
  • OGS East Garage (Corner of Madison Avenue and Eagle Street)
    All vehicles parked in the East Garage must exit by 6:00 a.m.

    * Call the city for confirmation of emergency parking areas.

    Snow Emergency brochures can be picked up at any City fire house, police station or branches of the Albany Public Library.

    Vehicles found in violation of these regulations will be ticketed and towed. If your vehicle has been towed call 458-5676.

    Moving Vans

    In order to guarantee that you will be able to park your moving van in front of your house/apartment during a move you can request a "No Parking" order from the Traffic Safety Office by calling 458-5610 or 458-5611 (MF / 8am-4pm). This order will prevent other vehicles from parking in the space that you need for your move. All requests should be made at least 72 hours in advance.

    Blocked in by another Vehicle?

    If you are unable to move your vehicle because it is blocked in by someone else, call the Police Dept at 462-8049 to have it towed.